Sunday, February 22, 2009

CUE.2. in De Fabriek

  • photo: Bruno Listopad

  • Photos: Bruno Listopad

.camera: Demetrios Estdelapcropolise

Saturday, February 21, 2009

- paper and purifoam -

first edition cue rotterdam from Cue Rotterdam on Vimeo.

CUE Rotterdam *February 2009*

A short story about CUE Rotterdam losing virginity.

We first cleaned the basement which was full of shit from the sewer. Ola, ben and me started decorating the space with, well, let's say trash which we found somewhere there.

We created a ministage with drums on it, put some instruments around it and managed to get an amp, some mixers and beamers.

So we sat there three of us, not knowing what to expect, coming down from all stress to prepare after a busy week.
I don't know how and where they came from, but at about 10 the space was filled with people i never saw before.
We started playing some music, played with a camera that was made sensitive to light, on the screen appeared time portals and other amazing visuals. Interaction slowly emerged. There were some singers and guitar players.. islands were slowly growing into a peninsula.

Then the place started to get full, people were dancing and playing, putting paint on the wall and on each other faces, there were small rolls of receipt paper all around so people started rolling themselves in there. The list of purchases growing without buying anyting. Ola started making a mess out of purifoam (stuff that is very bad for the environment) and so it appeared to be snowing in CUE.

The vibe was constantly growing with 4 professional drummers who played jazz, samba, and gave rise to an almost never ending climax. For sure we were on a continent now and this new discovered place revealed a promise of becoming neverending.

Alas, we had an anticlimax when neighbours started to complain. About 2.30 the police came and then i was responsible for keeping people away from sleep.

The first amazing thing was the interaction between people during the CUE. The second amazing thing was the playfulness of the people that came and just started.. some chaotic, some very professional. The third amazing thing is that people need this feeling of coming together and that there's not a lot of spaces where they can do whatever they feel like as in CUE.

In short, it was great!

If you were there, we need you to spread CUE..
sent your pics, upload your video, tell your friends!
If you're afraid for copyrights and publishing, we like
to see how we can move forward and play!

Next time, different place and different artists...

If you have any ideas, suggestions or want to contribute in any way,
contact us:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CUE Rotterdam losing virginity!

CUE Rotterdam - guidelines

All of this can change, nothing is fixed. It is merely an intention, a wish. It is an exploration and mainly, it is an opportunity. There's a lot to say about it, but more importantly, CUE is a small simple action which can connect people and serve as inspiration.

What is the main idea of CUE?

Cue is a monthly event. It offers space to experiment. We invite artists, performers, musicians, dj's, vj's, freaks, everybody who has a need to plug and play. Cue is open to everyone who is willing to experiment. Cue is about curiousity and creativity. Cue is offering you a playground.

What do you mean by 'playing'?
It means that you are curious to expand your mind. To try something new together with others. Playing as ways of creating, stimulating others to join you. Playing means not fighting over licenses, discussing what should be the result. Playing means it's fun to do. Maybe you're crazy. We like to stimulate that.

Who is in charge of CUE?

There's nobody in charge. Nobody who judges what is right or wrong. Why would you?

What's the difference between CUE and a performance?

Normally people impose 'their space' onto others. For example their programme, their dance, their song, etc. Cue is about the possibility to play together. Nothing more, nothing less.

What should be organized?
We need spaces where we can come together and start playing. It should be comfortable with the most inexpensive and easiest ways. Open source spaces are scarce. If you want to decorate the space you are more than welcome. We try to facilitate as much as we can (beamer, pa, amp) but the more you bring, the happier we will become. So bring your body, instrument, laptop, favorite mix tape or your piano with you.

Will CUE Rotterdam look like CUE Berlin?
Different cities have different approaches. Madrid has a fixed place, the rest (Berlin, Palermo, Barcelona) are roaming around only through the initiatives of a few. It could be on the streets, in the shower, it doesn't matter. It is about the connection between people creating whatever comes to their mind.
check out:

Will it be broadcasted on Internet?
We are part of a family which is growing so it's cool to show each other what's happening or what happened. So yes, We will probably record some and put it on internet.

How will CUE Rotterdam look like?
By just following simple guidelines every city creates it's own style, it's own view of space and place, it's own content. It is only this playground idea that connects us and the wish to have an open space where there's interaction, freedom and respect towards each other. It's about the mood to create, regardless of the result. Let's CUE!